The Content on This Site

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The content on this site is a collection of my published works. You can search from the main menu or by category on the sidebar.  Also, from the top menu under Blogs I link to various blogs I have on different platforms. 

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Gun Control Back on Center Stage

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Following the mass shootings in El Paso, Ohio, and now South Carolina, the debate is again raging. The NRA and gun advocates say the government wants to “take your guns”. Anti-gun advocates say we must do something. In a recent article I wrote to accompany psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi’s website, we look at the response of retailers, politicians, and the NRA.

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The Jazz Circuit Darling of Buenos Aires

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Grisel D'Angelo seems to be everyone's favorite these days. She has performed in all the hottest jazz clubs in town. She has also traveled the world singing in front of Presidents and other famous dignitaries. So when I got an invite by the Buenos Aires jazz club Jazz Voyeur, where I had been before to do a review, I accepted. After all, it's only two blocks from my flat :) Nonetheless, I'm glad I attended. The show was a lot of fun, as she mixed Gershwin with James Bond title [...] Read more
Awards for the best

Webby Awards 2019

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The 23rd Annual Webby Awards selected 529 winners. Among them, was Best Launch, for the Best, most innovative, and effective or creative campaign for a brand launch or relaunch, including cinema, TV, and other media.

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Sextortion Investigation

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Sextortion seems to be on the rise, from college students to Jeff Bezos. Dr. What is sextortion you ask?

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How can Shopify transform your online platform?

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Many people often ask me, how can Shopify transform your online platform? For those transitioning to online business, or companies creating online software and apps, e-commerce can appear truly daunting – there are literally hundreds of different e-commerce solutions and payment gateways to choose from.

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