Louis Ottimo – When The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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For a guy who spent almost a decade in the securities industry, who according to FINRA (BrokerCheck) defrauded customers over and over again, it was outrageous that he then became the de facto shadow president of a company who claims they can help investors that got swindled by unethical brokers.

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How to Lose a Stock Loss Recovery Case with Cold Spring Advisory Group in Three Easy Steps

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Stock loss recovery claims are serious. You can’t bring a claim without being able to prove that your investment loss was due to the unethical and/or illegal actions of the party you’re listing as the Respondent of the claim.  So how you can lose a stock loss recovery case in three easy steps? let me show you. 

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How To Spot Stock Loss Recovery Scams

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In September 2016 FINRA announced that it was providing information and assistance to investors. It describes three primarily signs of fraud, and urges readers to read their alerts to spot “stock loss recovery” scams.

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Bad Brokers And Good Investments

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When you invest your money into the securities market, there are bad brokers and good investments. Like anything else you have to do your homework to sort them out. The securities industry for a long time has been a swamp infested with leeches just looking for fresh meat. When they find an inexperienced investor, they tend to use high-pressure sales tactics, and abundant turnover of your holdings to spike their commissions.  But that doesn’t mean that a wise investor can’t navigate around them. 

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Cold Spring Advisory and Louis Ottimo Confronted

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I received a call from Louis Ottimo about a month ago, partly in reference to the article I wrote in September about him and his affiliation with Cold Spring Advisory, and also about me reaching out to a client.

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