No Mr. Foley

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Hiding bad behavior and then pushing the blame when caught for it seems too common these days. Senator Foley didn’t pursue a young page because he was molested as a child (as he claims). He should be accountable for his actions, period. And the Rev. Anthony Mercieca, who stated that he had a friendship with the then 12 year old Foley; going skinny dipping and giving the young boy massages when unclothed, was also inappropriate. The reverand said that “Once maybe I touched him. It’s not something you call, I mean, rape or penetration or anything like that, you know. We were just fondling.” He said that once, while on tranquilizers, he might have done something that Mr. Foley found inappropriate but that he could not recall the details.

Guys, wake up and smell your stench! The religious right should stop hawking the GLBT community and clean up their mess before telling others how to live.


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