Harri Stojka; A Tribute To Swing

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If you’re a fan of guitar and classic swing music, then the new CD by Harri Stojka is just what your looking for. Though a few of the songs seem a little redundant, “A Tribute To Swing” highlights Harri’s effortless mastery of the instrument, and exuberant love for it, in a winning combination.

This is not a piece of work recorded; but rather a moment of artistic inspiration captured. His play is fast and furious, yet light and nimble: a cascade of complicated melodies over the backdrop of simple rhythmic structures. At times, through the fusion of gypsy violins, Harri creates rich hues of sound with elegant harmonies and unison play.

In 1981, “Harri Stojka Express” was the only Austrian band to join Jimmy Cliff, Eric Burdon, Van Morrison and Carlos Santana at the Open Air Festival in Vienna’s Prater Stadium. Harri also played with Larry Coryell, Birelli Lagrene and Harri Pepi at the Guitar Summit in Montreaz, the Mecca of jazz musicians, where he earned praise from world-class musicians.

It is obvious when listening to his current record that Harri Stojka is an artist that plays for his listeners rather his own self-indulgence. He is a talent to be sure, and worthy of your utmost attention.

Tracks: Swanee River, Nuits de Saint-Germain Des Pres, J’attendrai, Bei mir bist Du scheen, Avalon, Nuages, Limehouse Blues, Petite Fleur, Undecided, Song For My Daddy, Just One Of Those Things, Sweet Sue, Schee is’ so a Ringlspu

Recorded: 2004   Record Label: Independent   Style: Jazz/Swing/Gypsy

Musicians: Harri Stojka – lead guitar, Caludius Jelinek – rhythm guitar, Ivan Ruiz Machado – double bass, Heimo Wiederhofer – brush snare, Eva Berky — violin

More about the artist: https://www.harristojka.com

(PUBLISHED in Jazz Review Magazine 2005)


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