As I Lay Lypsinking

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lypsinka as I lay As I Lay Lypsinking is a bit of Lights, Playback, Attitude!

The art of lip-syncing has been around since… well, longer than me, and some people find it boring. However, this show is a theatrical ride: attitudes, style, grace, glamour, rage, and insanity, delivered in a fast manic style that never leaves you waiting.

A myriad of lighting hues dress the emotions of the moment, and change with no warning. You get the feeling you’re on SLD — looking into a dream, but it’s someone else’s — and it’s fabulous. From the opening scene that has Lypsinka wearing a straight-jacket singing Once In A Lifetime, you know right away to expect the unexpected.

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Filled with one-liners, including her famous telephone bit, Lypsinka can rage on to a Joan Crawford recording, then, instantly morph into a high-brow finishing school instructor explaining the idea of what chic is. “Audrey Hepburn is chic, and though beautiful, Liz Taylor … is not.” The sound bites are strung together so cleverly that it should inspire a whole new awards category.

This is a production that has created living art from conceptual thought. As I Lay Lip-Synching integrates sound, sight and style into a one of a kind show: comedy in high couture.  Fluid movement and comedic facial expressions are wrapped comfortably in the glamour of a 1940s starlet, and her name is Lypsinka.

AS I LAY LYPSINCHING off-Broadway @ Minetta Lane Theatre (one block south of 3rd St., just off 6th Ave. More info:

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