Bar’dO Celebrates 10 Years

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Raven-O & Joey Arias were back in NYC, on leave from Zumania/Cirque du Soliel in Las Vegas, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of BAR d’O – that comfy neighborhood bar tucked away on the corner of Bedford and Downing Street. The star-studded event drew celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Blaine Trump, producer Joel Schumaker, Jennifer Ferrin (As The World Turns), an enthusiastic crowd, and presented the cities best and brightest trans-talent.

Len Edwards of Project Publicity did a wonderful job promoting, evident by the no standing room crowd. Sitting on a stool high stage (12 inches square), or standing before it, the performers sang to the crowd — who were on couches along the walls, on the floor in front of them, and standing behind them — making for an intimate “in the round,” type of vibe.

Raven-O — who would be a sure winner of an Oscar if charisma were a category — emceed the show and was radiant. Even with the “sandy throat,” as she called it, she sounded terrific, and looked great – Las Vegas seems to agree with her. The performers sang solos and duets, joked with the crowd, and each other. “And, then the dinosaurs were all wiped out, except for one. They called her Dragasaurus,” Raven said, as she introduced Joey Arias.

Kevin Aviance tore off her coat to reveal a multicolored outfit as she strutted, did runway and Vogued for the cameras. Hedda Lettuce

Uma Thurman

was a cut up in a surprise appearance, while Flotilla Debarge brought the funk, Edwige the cool, Sade the power, and Angelique Ali the soul. Uma Thurman told me outside (of Angelique), “she is fantastic.” Bianca Leigh was our transsexual chanteuse, and Porsche brought the house down with her vocal impersonation of “Piece of My Heart” (Janis Joplin). Cashetta, who received Best Hostess 2003 at the Glammy Awards, showed why: she’s a new star on the rise, and The Lady Bunny was on hand as the special DJ throughout the evening. Jennifer Ferrin (As The World Turns) said she, “I enjoyed it all.” The energy was high, the bartenders attentive, and the talent was the bright shining candles on this cake – here’s to another 10 years.


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