Caribbean Jazz by The Pedrito Martinez Trio

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If you like Caribbean Jazz, with lots of percussion, then you might want to check out The Pedrito Martinez Trio (Pedrito Martinez on percussion, Axel Tosca on piano, and John Benites on bass.)

Axel, Pedrito, John

During their set on March 1, 2012 at  The Jazz Standard (the New York City club beneath the Blue Smoke BBQ restaurant on east 27th Street),  they played four arrangements; Encuentro, (written by Pedrito Martinez), Seis Semanas (by Juan Formell), Ya Grumo (by John Benites), and Descarga Vieques (by John Benites).

Their Caribbean heritages were strongly present throughout.  After the show I noted to Pedrito the obvious influences of the Cuban-based Buena Vista Social Club. His response — a smile on his face — was short and to the point: “Well, of course.” He also informed me that the group on some occasions is all instrumental, while other times had a more represented vocals presence; tonight despite a few vocals, they were an instrumental performance.

Show Room; bar and other seating not visible

The set was livened up by the accompaniment of Mike Rodriguez on trumpet and Steve Turre on trombone.

The group overall was a bit inconsistent; at times they meander a bit, and then at other times are so cohesive they’re music is moving and infectious making me dance in my seat: overall I enjoyed there show.

Look for my review of the 9-song CD by John Benitez entitled PURPOSE on SEED MUSIC.

(Published in Jazz Review Magazine)


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