Visa for India

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Bureaucracy is what it is, but the people at the Indian Visa office were very easy to deal with even if the process caused a glitch for me. Having flown so often to South America, plus a trip to Mexico without needing a visa, I hadn’t thought about one for India until Tuesday afternoon — my flight was Thursday morning.

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I hate shots!

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With only a week or so to go before I leave for India, some of the prep work involved includes getting shots.  I’m not a fan of shots.  Who is? But it had to be done.

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Tips, Rules and Principles For Business

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To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, she noted in a documentary interview that a president has to have his principles in tact before crisis hits. Because during a crisis so many options present themselves, that without principles as your guiding rudder, you can lose your ability to navigate with confidence.

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GOP Doing What they Do

Seems a bit ridiculous for the GOP to be crying foul. But blaming others seems to be their M.O. In their most recent crying jag, they’re upset about Obama reminding people that the GOP was wrong;  he said he’d go after bin Laden, then found him, and made a hard choice to kill him.

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Business Plans; Contruction

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Business plans are like a good speech. They make a captivating opening statement, supports that statement, and then make a strong closing. Here is a summary of what that entails. Before you read how to build the plan, make sure to read Part 1, What To Know about business plans.

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