India; 66 Years Young

The largest democracy on the planet celebrates its sixty sixth birthday today, while remaining a land of extreme contradictions.

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Day Two and a Cafe in Banagalore – The Local Haunt

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I’m spontaneous and tend to live in each moment, which may seem a bit contradictory to the fact that I am also a creature of habit; I settle into certain routines regardless of where I am. Today I would find my cafe in Bangalore, among other things.

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Revenge By Any Other Name

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Revenge by any other name might be Montezuma, whose ghost I was sure  had followed me to India in a most dramatic expression of his promise.  Turns out I was wrong.

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Spiritual Journey: Why don’t you believe in God?

Are you on a spiritual journey? Devote Christians always ask me “Why don’t you believe in God?” Then I ask them to “Define God.” Afterward, I assure them that I do, in fact, believe in God. But, that I interpret God differently than they do.

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Bull Gores Man Then Follows Him To Hospital

According to The Times of India,  a bull that had hot water thrown on it by an elderly villager, waited a day, pursed the man and when the opportunity presented itself chased him into his home and gored him.

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