Copacabana: The Great American Superclub

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The Copacabana in New York City was one of the most iconic nightclubs of all time. It was 5:00 AM. Jerry Lewis just walked into Reubens on Madison & 59th St., his arms filled with the early edition of the NY Mirror and his hat turned backward portraying the hapless paperboy.  He proceeds to sell them table-by-table. He then returned the unsold papers and any money collected to an excited paperboy. On this night, as on most nights, the crowd was a who’s who of the New York City nightclub […]

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Cancun, Mexico

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So I’ve been living in Cancun since November 2020, and thought I’d share some of the good places I’ve stumbled onto. I’ve been writing for New Theory Magazine. and recently did an article on a few places I’ve found in Cancun, Mexico worth knowing about. While many tourists only know the Hotel Zone, where all the top resorts are located, is much more to the city. In the article ‘Escape To Cancun‘, I provide a few spots to begin with — a hard-to-find beach restaurant, a quiet beach, and how […]

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The Jazz Circuit Darling of Buenos Aires

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Grisel D'Angelo seems to be everyone's favorite these days. She has performed in all the hottest jazz clubs in town. She has also traveled the world singing in front of Presidents and other famous dignitaries. So when I got an invite by the Buenos Aires jazz club Jazz Voyeur, where I had been before to do a review, I accepted. After all, it's only two blocks from my flat :) Nonetheless, I'm glad I attended. The show was a lot of fun, as she mixed Gershwin with James Bond title [...] Read more

How to Lose a Stock Loss Recovery Case with Cold Spring Advisory Group in Three Easy Steps

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Stock loss recovery claims are serious. You can’t bring a claim without being able to prove that your investment loss was due to the unethical and/or illegal actions of the party you’re listing as the Respondent of the claim.  So how you can lose a stock loss recovery case in three easy steps? let me show you. 

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Stock Loss Recovery Co. Cold Spring Advisory and Louis Ottimo Uncovered

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When you look into investment recovery co. Cold Spring Advisory and Louis Ottimo uncovered it would appear that they are preying on unsuspecting investors. Maybe they are, maybe they arn’t. Investment recovery is also referred to as stock loss recovery, and Cold Spring Advisory LLC. claims to help — all you need do is pay them an upfront fee of thousands of Dollars.

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