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Can a road trip movie with a transgender character rise above expectations? Transamerica is the story of a post-operative transsexual named Sabrina (Bree) Claire Osborne, who two weeks before her scheduled male to female sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) discovers she has a son. Toby, a seventeen-year-old street hustler that is currently in jail, phones Bree looking for Stanley — the father he has never met, the man Bree once was.  Bree hangs up and continues making her telemarketing calls. She mentions the call to her therapist, but then quickly dismisses […]

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I AM My Own Wife

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I AM My Own Wife is a play about Charlotte, who realized at an early age that “she” didn’t identify with being a he, and it was through a loving grand mother- and a book about transvestism that her grandmother provided —  that Charlotte came to understand and accept her female identity. The writer believed he found in Charlotte “a true iconoclastic gay hero,” by the mere fact that she not only existed, but, did so publicly as a gay transvestite during both the Nazi and communist Stasi rule over Germany and East […]

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The Great American Supperclub – Copacabana

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It was 5:00 AM and Jerry Lewis just walked into Reubens on Madison & 59th St., his arms filled with the early edition of the NY Mirror and his hat turned backwards portraying the hapless paperboy. He proceeds to sell them table-by- table. He then returned the papers that were unsold and any money collected to an excited paperboy. On this night, as on most nights, the crowd was a who’s who of the New York City nightclub circuit as remembered & told to me by Harriet Weber Wright. “Sometimes […]

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Lisa Jackson – I’m AOK

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Lisa Jackson – I’m OK, the new EP by Lisa performed at CBGBs. As she stood upon the stage — her band vamping in the background — Lisa Jackson paid homage to all the great performers that stood on this stage before her. She spoke of legends and pioneers. The crowd reacted with cheers as she momentarily stepped back. The band began to build the energy as she lunged forward exclaiming, “and I am humble, yet unafraid!” The delivery was powerful and effective. When watching an athlete you can always tell […]

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Wigstock 2003; Coming Home Again

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“Late one night in the spring of ’84 a drunken group of friends, seeking more diversions, closed the Pyramid Club and traipsed over to Tompkins Square Park, six-packs in tow. Brian Butterick, Michael “Kitty” Ullman, Wendy Wild, The “Lady” Bunny and a few members of the Fleshtones were horsing around in the bandshell when someone (no one remembers who, it’s all such a blur) came up with the idea of putting on a show – a day-long drag festival – and calling it Wigstock. It was Bunny who was foolhardy […]

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