Bad Deals Don’t Get Better

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Being an entrepreneur all of my life, I’ve had several business ventures that required investment funding.  I’m not talking about big venture capital, I’m referring to seed and start-up catpital — usually ranging between $50,000 – $300,000.  Smaller than that you have to raise from your friends-and-family universe, which I’ve also done.

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GOP Doing What they Do

Seems a bit ridiculous for the GOP to be crying foul. But blaming others seems to be their M.O. In their most recent crying jag, they’re upset about Obama reminding people that the GOP was wrong;  he said he’d go after bin Laden, then found him, and made a hard choice to kill him.

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Routinely Inspired

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Routinely Inspired is a way of life for me. But do routines suck the life out of our creativity and limit our sphere of experience, or do they provide a stable balance to it?

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Demanding Retribution

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It seems that the religion of brotherly love simply can’t help themselves from yet again letting their actions contradict their preaching. While the Afghan Muslims that stormed the United Nations compound are clearly  not firing on all jets, the pastor Terry Jones isn’t either. Why would he (Terry) incite anger from the entire Muslim world [for the actions of a few] with his mock trial?   What was the point?

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Is Truth Absolute or Conditional?

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Truth is conditional; based on what we know at any given time.

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