Children Behavioral Therapy Books

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Children behavioral therapy books help kids with autistic and other behavioral difficulties that are challenged everyday with a real-life labyrinth of puzzles about friendship, honor, courage, right, wrong and more.

There is a series of books I’ve found that can assist them in gaining perspective when they are with their peers.

Good Behavior Is Great: This is an activity book of 16 pages. It is filled with tasks that bring out the good behaviors in kids, such as sharing, helping and following the rules. The activity tasks include complaining will not help you out, taking your turn, using good manners, working out solutions, and helping out others. These activity books are available in a pack of 25 — of the same title. The activity book is a part of the Berenstain Bears Good Behavior Kit.

Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning Grades 3 – 5: This book is centered on students. There are more than 100 activities listed in this book. They work by creating opportunities for students to ask questions, discuss their areas of interest and discovering aspects of what motivates them to get along with the others. With the help of the lessons, students can improve their social skills and incorporate them through practicing communication techniques, team-building, dealing with friendship, group issues and expressing their feelings appropriately. The materials can be used in a classroom across grade levels. The key concepts include:

  • Rules for classroom communities
  • Anger management
  • Being compassionate to others
  • Respecting the self
  • Help for bullying
  • Teaming for success
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Making positive choices
  • Following dreams


Children Behavioral Therapy Books

101 Bully Prevention Activities – Book with a CD Meant for grade levels 5 – 12, this is a superbly structured resource book that first books for kidsprovides students with a host of activities to prevent bullying. It makes it easier to locate and concentrate on issues that are relevant to the interests of the students. Reproducible tasks comprise writing prompts, role plays and group projects that emphasize strategies for dealing with issues such as gossiping, teasing, bullying and taunting. It is a workbook of 100 pages.

52 Brain-Boosting Activities for Groups — Book with a CD Teenagers are challenged with fun mental workouts and exercises that make use of their cognitive skills for improving memory, decision making, concentration, creativity and thinking skills. Each activity can be reproduced with instructions for conducting the activity, providing suggestions and tips for adjusting these projects to the functioning level of the children. The tasks can be rated as easy, moderate, or challenging,. A user friendly book, it is applicable to different settings.

Debra Doesn’t Take the Dare — Book Targeting the age group between 5 and 10 years, this is the story of Debra, who is faced with peer group pressure when she is dared to have a mug of beer. This is a part of an initiation ceremony. With the book, kids can learn to question what is right for them and what is not, and seek the advice of others. Childs Work Childs Play provides exhaustive resources for teaching emotional intelligence skills to children to overcome behavioral and anxiety issues.

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