Eddie Izzard is Sexie!

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Eddie Izzard us SexieEddie Izzard is Sexie! The sounds of Tom Jones are pumping through the City Center theater in New York City as graphic images appear on a large screen at the back of the stage. In the closing image we get the sensation that we are traveling through a worm–hole — a term used in many science fiction films to describe a sort of vortex or portal, to get you from one place in space to another quickly.

Perhaps it’s a Sci-Fi rabbit hole, but either way I sensed we were about to enter the mind of Eddie Izzard.

With little warning (s)he casually strolled onto the stage wearing black high-heeled boots and a black skirt slit up the side. The audience, which appeared to be totally straight, displayed their enthusiasm with thunderous applause. (S)he immediately informed them that (s)he was now sporting breasts, — faux breasts anyway, silicone forms that created the illusion of breasts – just in case they hadn’t noticed. Eddie was happy to have breasts now, and explained that when a waiter says “Your tea sir,” (s)he’ll reply, “thank you, set it right here … on my tit, … then fuck off, OK?”

Eddie is a bit of a paradox in that (s)he has starred on stage — and in films such as Shadow Of the Vampire — as a man, and at the same time enjoys a career as a cross-dressing stand up comedian; perhaps the most recognized heterosexual cross-dresser in the world. Or more accurately, in her/his own words, “an Executive Transvestite. ” Following the success of the last show “Dressed To Kill”, this new one is also receiving rave reviews.

Eddie Izzard is Sexie!

Eddie doesn’t cross-dress as an act; it is a way of life, as revealed in an interview (s)he had Gina Lance. Eddie explained that people back home certainly knew (s)he was a cross-dresser, after all (s)he traveled the tube (subway) in dresses regularly.

The quickest whit in stand-up comedy since Robin Williams, Eddie has a conversational style of delivery, which is more like a rambling of different ideas and stories. (S)he talks about anything, and everything, and you have to laugh. When appearing to have nothing to say (s)he bounces in place for a moment – as though she was hyperactive from drinking too much coffee, or perhaps had to pee … really badly. The arms would move as if to conger up a new thought, which of course never takes very long. Eddie identifies and explores silly situations, people, Sci-Fi, politics, and history. There is no subject off limits, especially Royalty, and as one of the Queen’s loyal subjects, the Brit’s are in the crosshairs along with everyone else.

But while Eddie is making us laugh, think, and continues to break down one type of social stereotype, (s)he enforces another: that heterosexual cross-dressers have really bad fashion sense. I love the whit, intelligence, and humor, but the strange combination of the blue and red military-esque jacket, with a black skirt and boots made me think, “Eddie, please re-think the outfit.” I look at the press shot and think “great,” so what happened to the motorcycle look? I’m kidding of course (no I’m not), of course I am (no I’m not).

However, Eddie Izzard is transcending gender roles, making who you are more important than what you are, or how you dress.  SEXIE is a commentary of high thought delivered through exploration of the ridiculous. And, with audiences worldwide becoming more familiar with Eddie Izzard – the person – people are more likely (now) to sa

y, “oh, you’re a cross-dresser, like that funny English comedian,” rather than, “Ahhhhh, you’re a cross-dresser like Anthony Perkins in Psycho.”


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