Emery; The Question

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The influences of Queen and the rage of punk are undeniable, yet Emery has emerged with a distinctive raw, edgy footprint of its own.

The 12-song CD, The Question, is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut The Weak’s End, and is masterfully produced by Aaron Sprinkle (mixed by Randy Staub). Songs like “Left With Alibis” and “Lying Eyes” dynamically shift from introspective riddles of thought to demonic primal rage, while the lead track, “So Cold I Could See My Breath,” highlights strong melody lines presented through harmonic vocals.

And like life, the moods overlap one another with no clear boundaries, while an ass-kicking rhythm section keeps it all together.

This is a solid collection that keeps your interest from beginning to end. From love to politics, these Seattle based, South Carolina natives, are passionate about what they believe, and have made a believer out of me: these guys are hot!

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(PUBLISHED in Glide Magazine  2005)



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