How can Shopify transform your online platform?

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Many people often ask me, how can Shopify transform your online platform? For those transitioning to online business, or companies creating online software and apps, e-commerce can appear truly daunting – there are literally hundreds of different e-commerce solutions and payment gateways to choose from.

How do you know which ones are worthwhile and will benefit your business? How do you know what features you require and which solution will provide the best end results? Some businesses may choose to create an in-house solution or build an e-commerce integration from scratch. Whilst this may provide greater control, it can also be extremely time consuming and costly.

An alternative is to use a third party e-commerce solution that you can integrate into your own platform. This is something that Union Works can assist you with. We will explain a little more below why Shopify is our platform of choice.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. Shopify can add e-commerce functionality to your website/app/software and allow customers to make purchases and carry out online transactions.

How can Shopify transform your online platform?

Founded in 2004, Shopify has grown to become one of the most successful platforms of its type, and it has a huge customer base. Aside from its fully fledged online store, Shopify also features other ways to sell, such as buy buttons, Facebook Shops, and Shopify Point of Sale. It is this versatility coupled together with the huge range of third-party apps developed for the platform that makes it so popular.

How can Shopify benefit your business and online venture?

So why should you look at using a Shopify solution through Union Works? Shopify can greatly improve your e-commerce functionality and it can also be used in a myriad of different ways to integrate into your existing business systems. This means much lower costs, and you don’t have to worry about creating new systems and platforms from scratch.

How can Shopify transform your online platform?

Using the Shopify API, for example, it is possible to create a Shopify connector app that facilitates transaction and data between a third-party business and its customers. Alternatively, Shopify can be used for warehouse integrations which can help streamline your supply systems. Finally, if you have existing merchant systems in place, it is possible to connect these to Shopify and then start using the Shopify platform itself. Aside from these specific applications, it also offers the following benefits:

– Extensive API allowing for easy integration

– Fantastic range of apps to extend the functionality of your systems

– Great support and vast community with the continual development

– Superb store management interface

– Large range of features to enhance your customer’s in-store experience

What more could you want? Yes, there are other options available, and it is possible to create e-commerce functionality in other ways, but Shopify really does have a lot to offer. What makes it even better is that Union Works can do all the hard work for you, and provide an integrated Shopify solution tailored to your exact business needs. Why not have a look and see how you think your business would benefit from Shopify today?


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