Inception: a review

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The new film staring Leonardo DiCaprio is a BIG idea.  Too big!  The acting is great, the special effects superb, and concept interesting.  Yet after two and a half hours it falls short.  All the elements were there, but it just like a doesn’t hit the spot.

The dreams within dreams action is plenty, but beyond the coolness of the concept the film misses the opportunity to explore the subconcious baggage that we all carry and yet are so unaware of; settling instead for raw action for actions sake.

All in all, those that like mind benders will probably like this offering, though, at best, I can only reccomend it with a 3 star rating. And that is mostly for good acting and sleek photography and special effects.

It is one of those few film that I have to disagree with Mr. Ebert on.

Note: a good foreign film that I recently saw was Girl With The Dragon Tatoo


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