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India Travel Log has Been Moved to here:, which you can also access off the menu on this site under Blogs.

This India travel log highlighting my travels and experiences around India. I arrived here in the (U.S.A.) summer of 2012 for a 90-project.  The company I hired to to the work was slow. In fact, after weeks of sitting around each day at the local cafe, they had done little.

But while hanging out at the cafe I met a small group that I befriended. We took a few short trips together, otherwise we met up each day at the cafe, drank coffee, ate and chatted.

Small world that it is, it turns out these young guys were programmers, and shortly thereafter I hired them, and we haven’t looked back.  We started with 4 and now are a self-sustaining tech and marketing wholesale services company (we provide web development, software — web and mobile –, and online marketing services to third party re-seller agents in the U.S.A.).

My original project still isn’t done. But the company is moving forward with it, albeit slowly, and we hope to complete it by this winter, but in the meantime I having and adventure, some of which is shared in mt India travel log.

Life is a strange road that turns when you least expect it.  But like they say, life is not the destination, it’s the ride.


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