Jazz in Bangalore Zaang Style

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The Hyatt Hotel terrace bar on MG Road was the setting for a night of Jazz in Bangalore, Zaang Style. Dubbed Black-Tie Jazz Night, it was a huge success on many levels. About the only mishap was the name, as it was really meant that the event was Black Tie, as in upscale, not the dress code.

Jazz night bangaloreStill many of the men came in suits, or at the very least dress shirts and slacks, and most all the women were in pretty dresses or long formal ones that gave the event a touch of class. Together with the ambiance of the open air terrace made the event radiate: it a was a classy evening.

Jazz in Bangalore Zaang Style

The crowd was moderate, perhaps only 70-80 people, which is what made the event a hit. It wasn’t the usual overcrowded dance party. The crowd consisted of an interesting mix of younger and older people looking to mingle and chat, whether sharing any of the many tables scattered throughout the terrace, or mingling at the bar.  I myself met an interesting couple from San Francisco, ran into a friend I met at a previous party, and made new friends from Mumbai and Mysore.

There were enough people to give the place energy, but not so many that you couldn’t get your drink quickly refilled at the bar. hanging out zaang style Which as also good considering for R800 it was an all-you-could-drink night.

The jazz-inspired band was just that “jazz-inspired,” more than it was a true authentic jazz band. But that was O.K. They played well, offered a nice selection of jazz-inspired standards, and Kinishaa Francis had a light easy voice that gently danced on the currents above us as we sipped cocktails or wine.

By 11:30 or midnight the energy shifted a bit, with the band playing some modern uptempo contemporary music, and the small dance floor filled up. It was nice to see some couples dancing like in days gone by: up close and personal.

In the loud, overcrowded, never-ending Bangalore dance party scene this was a refreshing and perfect evening. Well done Zaang!

To view some more photos from the event check out their Facebook page.

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