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Tommy Femia

Judy and Barbra Live is the show for you if you enjoy the songs of Streisand and Garland, with a little humor on the side.

The critics are raving about Tommy Femia (six time winner of the MAC Award, and the Backstage Bistro award): “Fabulous,” The NY Times, “A Pricelessly Sung Judy Garland,” Village Voice, and “Truly Amazing,” Time Out New York.  Tommy in another word, is brilliant!

Together with Steven Brinberg, who has also won the MAC and Backstage Bistro awards is“Absolutely Brilliant,” Time Out New York, “Amazing,” NY Daily News, and “Wickedly Good,” NY Post.  After ten years in the making, theses two have finally gotten together in a smash ht of a hit.

Judy and Barbra Live

In the cabaret room at Don’t Tell Mama, I had the privilege of experiencing the first paring of these two talented performers.  Their voices are outstanding and their comedy subtle and easy – I could have watched and listened to them all night.

They perform many Garland and Streisand classics like People, Over The Rainbow, Don’t Rain on My Parade, and The Trolly Song, as well as tunes the legends themselves never got around to doing; such as I’m Still Here and New York, New York. They also perform duets from Broadway and from their 1963 TV appearance on CBS’ “The Judy Garland Show,” including the famous Happy Days are Here Again/Get Happy duet.

When Steven (Barbra) asks “how is it that when we sang this last time I was a kid and you the adult, now I’m 60 and your still 40?, Judy responded, “you have to die Barbra”

There are a lot of new performers and new music since you were here last.  What do you think of Eminem? Barabra asks.  “I hate his

Steven Brinberg

music … but love his candy!”

The music director on piano was Mort Lindsey and he segued nicely from theme to theme creating interludes to change the mood. Throughout the show Judy and Barbra takes turns on stage alone. The performer off stage uses the opportunity to make a costume change before returning for a duet, and then stays on to perform solo as the other once again is off for a costume change.

Seeing some of these gowns alone are worth the price of admission. Certainly the voices are really great, but I also enjoyed their vibe, their expressions, and attitudes with each other, which may have been funnier than the actual dialogue between them. Steven Holt, writer for the NY Blade and I laughed out loud many times, along with the rest of the audience.

The night I attended the room was sold out, and the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Don’t Tell Mama:  Reservations (suggested) 212-757-0788.


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