What to Know About NY State Workers’ Compensation

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Many people are confronted with unexpected injuries on the job. Here is what to know about NY state workers’compensation rules.

Workers’ compensation is complicated. Some would suggest that it is so by design. The goal of the insurance companies like any other business is to make a profit.  Therefore, they try to hold their money as long as possible and pay out as little as possible.

That may seem cynical, but is the harsh reality of the insurance business.

NY state workers’ compensation is complicated, and to receive the maximum money your entitled do won’t happen by simply filling out the forms: it will often require legal representation by those who are experts in that area of the law.

What to Know About NY State Workers’ Compensation

For example, there was a case of case involving the death of a lifelong firefighter. The decedent had finished a 38 hour shift and felt ill towards the end of the shift. He ended his shift early due to his symptoms and went home.  A short time later, his wife found him, unresponsive. Subsequently, his wife filed a claim for Workers’ Compensation death benefits.  The employer and carrier controverted this claim alleging that the death was unrelated to the decedents work activity.


The wife then hired Bangel, Cohen and Falconetti, a law firm that since 1997 has concentrated their practice in area of Workers’ Compensation Law. The case went to trial and the firm was successful in obtaining the window death benefits for the rest of her life.  However, the fight didn’t end there as the insurance carrier filed an Appeal.  The firm was successful in upholding the decision of the Workers’ Compensation Board.

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