Oh, Mr. Robertson

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I said before that Mike Savage was the dumbest smart person around, but maybe I was wrong. Step into the circle Pat Robertson, who recently told the world that Prime Minster Ariel Sharon´s stroke may have been God´s wrath for pulling out of the Gaza strip. After all Mr. Robertson said, ¨God considers this land to be his.¨ Are you serious? Do you really believe that land is important to God? Isn´t it possible that God is just a tad bit beyond territorial land disputes that has plagued man throughout history?

There are 15 million aids orphans worldwide and this is all you can talk about Mr. Robertson? Oh, that´s right, Aids is God´s wrath too against gays, wasn´t that what you said once before? And Katrina took out New Orleans because is was a city of sin?

It is sad to me that people can go through life as Mr. Robertson does, in such fear that God is always there like a bad Catholic shccol teacher to smack you down. It seems like the only wrath here on Earth are the ones we unleash on each other, and greatest plagues those of intolerance and narrow mindedness.


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