Spill Canvas – One Fell Swoop

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Spill Canvas – One Fell Swoop, the sophomore CD is hard to dislike. From the very first note, this hard rocking band is in overdrive. They slow it down for “This Is For Keeps,” “Secret Oath” and “Bound To Happen,” and display moments of moodiness, but the bulk of this collection is pure stadium rock: a wall of sound to bang on the inside of your head – ooh-ra!

Founded by Sioux Falls native Nick Thomas, The Spill Canvas is a tight unit, and the production here, while not dynamic, is solid. The heavy lead vocals are strong as well. But what’s difficult to decipher is an individual style – a sound to separate them from the crowd. Influences are emulated and intertwined into a cohesive, polished package, though the soul of this band seems to be in the background rather than the foreground.

The Spill Canvas displays their talent for sure – which they have plenty of – but they’re not so quick to display themselves. I get the feeling there is more to these guys then we have been allowed to hear so far.

(PUBLISHED in Glide Magazine 2005)



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