Kids Often Get Angry

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Kids often get angry as we all know. The question remains what to do about it, and how to go about teaching them about anger and how to avoid and/or control it so it doesn’t control them.

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Vodka Fashion in Bangalore

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As the summer descends upon us with 90+ degree heat, the Fashion Party Collection event in Bangalore attracted a mix of the city’s socialites, personalities and party animals to this invite-only happening at the city’s favorite nightspot Ice, at Vivanta by Taj. it was a great night, with flowing cocktails, a fashion show, music and dance entertainment .  Read my full story and  view the fashion show on Miss Perfect Woman.

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The Rapid Rise of Technology and The Public Forum

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The rapid rise of technology is claimed by some to be inhibiting human interaction. Others claim that it contributes to the public journal and the broadcasting of it. What do you think, can both sides be correct?

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How Can They Free Camarena Killer?

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How Can They Free Camarena Killer? On August 9, 2103, after serving 28 years in prison of a 40-year sentence, Rafael Caro Quintero was freed on technicalities. U.S. officials and citizens are outraged that the notorious drug-lord [convicted in the 1985 torture and murder of American DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena] has been released.

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The Content on This Site

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The content on this site is a collection of my published works. You can search from the main menu or by category on the sidebar.  Also, from the top menu under Blogs I link to various blogs I have on different platforms. 

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