Political Change?

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As the world listened to the President’s State of The Union, and will now spend days more trying to analyze his words, manner of tone and vision for the furture, I can’t help but wonder, “Do politicians really change?” Especially this politician? For good or bad the President has done one thing consistant since he arrived in Washington: stood his ground. The State of the Union is words, not actions, and what a President says is meaningless. It is what he does that counts. Our President’s an idealog; a guy trapped in the belief that he alone is right regardless of other opinions. It is a nice trait for a President to be strong, principled and determined. Yet when you combine those qualities with someone who sees the world as he wants it to be rather than what it really is, that kind of dillusional world view is dangerous. So, regardless of what his team wrote for him to say, this is a man that has shown us that while his words may change, his objectives and course of action won’t. 2008 can’t arrive soon enough.


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