Post-Pandemic Business Strategies

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Post-pandemic business strategies vary from business to business. Today we’re going to discuss bars and restaurants.

What a year 2020 was. Wow. Not only did the leisure industry take a beating. so did we all. And while many of us may have missed not being able to take a cruise, for example, it was the shut-down of our favorite local bar or restaurant that hit us more personally.

As the year wore on, at first it was inconvenient that bars and restaurants were shut down to indoor activity. Then as it lingered some started closing permanently. That is when we all realized we could lose places that were dear to us. And many got involved in efforts to save them.

While the pandemic isn’t over, it is receding a bit, providing a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. However, restaurants and bars are still in jeopardy. Because they’re returning to fuller capacity doesn’t erase all the losses they suffered in 2020 and early 2021.

So now they not only need to generate revenues at full capacity but also find additional revenue sources.

Post-Pandemic Business Strategies

One of the most overlooked revenue streams for restaurants and bars, or any other venue with available space, is coin-operated entertainment. I was discussing this with Eddie Fahmy, who is President of A2Z Restaurant Consulting. And he agreed:

No doubt that in-venue entertainment is a great way for venues to not only attract new customers but increase the per-customer revenue

Eddie Fahmy

The first thing that any venue owner might wonder is “What investment do I need to make?”

Surprisingly, the answer is ZERO!

Yes, you heard me correctly. Zero. For instance, in New York City and New Jersey, Emerson Amusements provides a Risk-Free opportunity. They will provide, place, and maintain a variety of coin-operated machines, and then share revenues generated from them with the venue.

When I spoke to Emerson president Ken Goldberg, he explained:

We offer a wide range of machines, including ATM machines, digital jukeboxes, and lots of entrtainment machines. Thes include pool tables, ice-hockey tables, street basketball, skee-ball, and arcade games. Moreover, for skee-ball we’re connected to the NYC Skee-ball league, and arcade games. For arcade games, such as 2021 Golden Tee and Big Buck Hunter Reloaded, we’re a member of Club Lucky, which organizes tournaments and contests. If a customer can have fun competing and potential wins thousands of dollars and bragging rights, would they participate? The answer is mostly likely, yes!

Ken Goldberg

This is great news for restaurants and bars, but also for patrons. It’s a fun-filled way for patrons to get together with friends.

If you’re a restaurant and/or bar owner, or some other venue, contact Emerson Amusements to find out more. If you’re a patron and would like to see these games in your favorite bar or restaurant, tell the owner. Or contact Emerson Amusements and provide the name of the bar/restaurant and they’ll reach out.

The pandemic of 2020-2021 was devasting to all of us. But now there is a great new opportunity to reset for 2021-2022.


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