Savage Damn-ation

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Mike Savage is perhaps the smartest dumb person I’ve heard in a long time. My friend Harriet loves him, though I’m not entirely sure that she understands everything he says. But he says it with such force, and at times a touch of whit, that like many, she goes along.

He can be amusing from time to time, and even rational. Then he goes off on a tangent like — according to him — Halloween is destroying America. It is the liberal communities, he says, who supported this pagan worship. Everyone, or most people know the roots of St. Hallows day Mike, you;re not educating anyone. But come on it isn’t now what it was then. It has an entirely new meaning and is in good fun. Yes, as you said, kids do dress up as devils, goblins and demons, but they also dress up as fairys, Cinderella, Princesses, presidents, and super heros. Your kids were right, you should lighten up.

But it is more distressing to listen to Mike speak about real issues with dire consequences, like Iraq & Iran. He doesn’t understand, he says, why we — the USA — don’t just blocade and bomb the Iran harbor, shut it down. This, because Iran may be supporting the insurgency in Iraq. The first thing Mr. Savage should understand is that to do so would be not only waging war on Iran, but also Europe’s economies. Second, we don’t KNOW that they are supporting the Iraq insurgency, just like we didn’t KNOW Iraq had WMD’s that they were going to use on the USA, and third, what if they are?

I’m not in any way condoning what the insurgents are doing, not at all. I believe that fanatics are fanatics, and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and religions. The Jihad is just more visable than other rebel forces have been in this past century. But the point I am making is that the USA supported, funded, trained and sheltered rebel fighters all around the world. What separates Iran from the USA? The idea that we are the good guys? We grow up in this country being taught that we are always the good guys. In truth we have as a nation exploited people all over the globe, and as Americans we should be ashamed of what we have allowed our government to do. But that is for another post.

Yes, we have done good, but mostly when it has been in our own best interests to do so.

Mike Savage belongs to a sad and deperate group that see the world through one set of eyes: theirs. Their religion is right, their politics are right, their way is right, and to all the others let them be damned. What is most troubling to me about Mr. Saveage is not his views, but his inability to really engage in discussions or an exchange of ideas, he is too busy mocking his callers: in one instance he mocked a callers speech impediment then hung up on him. No, Mike Savage is not a classy guy. He is self righeous man who dislikes anyone who does not agree with him. The saddest part is that so many American’s listen to him, sort of the way couch patatoes stare at a television.

America made history trhough its form of government, laws and way of life. And it is time for Americans to take hold of that and guide the countries future to ensure that stature that we had attained, instead of turning a blind eye to the truth and riding on our past and being led by scarred little rabbits trying to spread their fear and control the masses.


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