Smaller Countries Leading the Way From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energies

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Most industrialized countries have relied on fossil fuels for so long that to commit to renewable energy is not only a pysical change, but also a mental one. So it is the smaller countries leading the way from fossil fuels to renewable energies. In part because they don’t have to overcome the intense infrastructures of America and some European countries, these smaller countries have made big strides t0 harness their natural resources and let go of fossil fuels.

For these countries, it is no longer up for debate. They know they will take center stage when global warming strikes and mother nature spwes her wrath; more violent rains, typhoons, Earthquakes, and more. Some coastal cities are at risk, as is entire island nations as the Earth warms and sea levels rise. Some could be forever wiped off the map.

Climate change will be a paradigm shift on a scale that is of yet unimaginable.

Costa Rica is one of these successful countries. It is rich in natural resources. Locals are aware of the impact of global warming on their lives. Hence, the effort of the government to shift to renewable energy was not blocked in any way.

Big oil companies were not able to penetrate these countries, in part because locals understand that they are blessed with gifts from nature. The same thing is true for other countries like Bonaire and Tokelau.

Smaller Countries Leading the Way From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energies

It might take a lot more to convince bigger countries to follow the lead because of their long dependency on fossil fuels. However, we are running out of time. If no actions are taken now, there won’t be time to react when the results hit, and hard. .

Be inspired with what these smaller countries have done through the infographic below. It shows how they have succeeded in eliminating fossil fuels completely.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy


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