Symbol of Satin

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And we wonder why the world thinks we’re crazy? In a recent article the president of a homeowners association fired all five of its members for refusing to require that a homeowner remove her holiday wreath. The association president said that three or four residents complained, some saying it was an anti-Iraq war protest while others perceived it as a symbol of Satan.

You have to wonder what goes through the minds of people in this country sometimes. I’m not a fan of religion in general, and I certainly understand people’s objections to a single religion being displayed on or in government or public places. But, when a few residents say a wreath with a peace sign is a symbol of Satan, or an anti war protest, and the president of the homeowners association actually listens, you know things have gotten out of hand.

Perhaps they should be looking closer at the complainers and the president as a threat rather than the wreath. Get a grip people!


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