Karen DeSoto Comments on IDR Impacting NJ policy

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The institute for Dispute Resolution scores first NJ policy success with the passage of a bill known as ‘S602’ which is now the The New Jersey International Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation Act. Karen DeSoto momments on IDR impacting NJ policy.

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Interview with Karen Desoto

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Interview with Karen Desoto, lawyer, ‘on air’ television personality, professor, and co-director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution.

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Children Killing Children

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What does it say about a society when children kill? When a thirteen year old child is capable of sexually abusing another child, and then murdering yet another? Moreover, both victims were the perpetrators younger brothers. Florida was rocked when Christian, an abused child, beat his 2-year brother to death; and also sexually abused his 5-year old brother. I spoke with …

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