Divorce and the Right Wing

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To understand divorce and the Right Wing, you first have to understand that fear is what it is, but sometimes becomes what you make it. The religious right is so afraid that gays are deteriorating marriage, and yet it is their fear that is the culprit, not the communities that they are afraid of. Could it be that the GLBT communities have and continue to be converting all the little boys and girls of the world? Not! Historically, it is the religious right that tirelessly works to convert people, not the GLBT […]

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ICONS: Gay and Lesbian History of the World, VOL 1

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Ray Romano of Sirius Satellite Radio said, “ICONS is a triumph!” The Columbus Dispatch raves, “Compelling-Broadway-Calibur!”  I attended the one-man show “ICONS: The Lesbian & gay History of the World, VOL 1, written and performed by Jade Esteban Estrada and directed by Jeff Willis, for their third production at the Pantheon Theatre here in NYC. Jade, who released a dance album ANGEL in 2001, has performed is 28 countries and speaks 7 languages, is a playwright, singer, director, choreographer, and spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign. He won the 2002 […]

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