Catastrophic Disaster

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During the almost four hours that I watched the Senate hearings involving Mr. Brown on C-Span, I waited for the senators to ask questions that never seemed to materialize. Time and time again Mr. Brown, the former FEMA director, insisted that we had to remember that, “this was a catastrophic disaster!” as though none of us were aware of that, or as though FEMA was just an accounting firm suddenly thrust into managing an emergency and everyone was being to critical of him. Isn’t emergency management the point of FEMA? […]

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Teryl-Lynn Foxx

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Miss Gay Lousiana, Miss Clique USA, Liaison to the Governors Office, & an Ebony Princess  Around the age of 22 Mr. Terry Sanders made the decision to become  Miss Teryl-Lynn Fox. When I asked when she first had thoughts of becoming a woman I was shocked to find out that it was not until she was about 20. She said, “I always did girly things but never dreamed of becoming a girl early in life.” After graduating college Teryl taught history and civics to high school students for two years. “Although […]

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