Dojo Izakaya Converts to Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House

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I’ve eaten at the highly acclaimed Sushi Dojo NYC (on 1st Ave in the East Village) before, as well as their sister restaurant Dojo Izakaya, Recently they converted that to the Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House. So I stopped in to find out why.

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5 Tips About NY State Workers Compensation Laws

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New York worker compensation insurance was established to compensate injured workers who were injured or fall sick on the job. The rules and regulations can be slightly different from state to state, so here is 5 tips about NY State workers compensation laws.

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Upcoming NYC Events 2012 and How to Optimize Them

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Finding upcoming NYC events and knowing how to optimize them is key. As an entrepreneur you not only want to find effective events to attend, but also have a plan on how to best attend them — to get the most out of the time and money you invest into them. Below is a list of cost-effective upcoming events, and some ideas on how best to prepare and navigate at an event.

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Visa for India

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Bureaucracy¬†is what it is, but the people at the Indian Visa office were very easy to deal with even if the process caused a glitch for me. Having flown so often to South America, plus a trip to Mexico without needing a visa, I hadn’t thought about one for India until Tuesday afternoon — my flight was Thursday morning.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man we see a reboot¬†of the Marvel Comics Spider-Man franchise, where the director Marc Webb strives for a more serious and edgy look to distinguish it from its predecessor [that starred Toby McGuire]. To that end, other than Spider-Man and his nemesis (The Lizard), there are no other cartoonish characters in this version — like the former film’s Editor In Chief of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jamison, for example.

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