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Assortment of emails I’ve received from readers throughout the years regarding various magazine and site content.

>  You rock! Your courage is amazing and inspiring to me. – Willman

>  Great article this week! I’ve always found humor to be a fantastic defense, to maintain one’s dignity, yet, avoid violence. And the “your point being?” comment was right on the money.  It doesn’t leave them anywhere to go.  And I think you’re right about most people who say that, are using it as a declaration rather than an insult. Hugs – Ronnie Rho

>  Your writing is just great, heartfelt, always interesting, and to the point.  – Samantha

>  Once again you’re thoughts, are my thoughts. You’re so good at this writing thing it’s scary. It’s a very fortunate occurrence to have some one who articulates, and conveys the feelings of so many, so well!     Dar

>  Thank you for your latest “Insights.”  For me, it hit home.

> First, let me congratulate you on your fantastic website. It’s slick, professional, informative and entertaining.  As a professional magazine writer I was deeply impressed on many levels. Analyse

> Happy New Year. Thanks for all the information during the past year. Love your website. It is the best. Lori

> You are a breathe of fresh air and have some great, intelligent, honest insights. Heidi Ann

> Just wanted to say I’m a HUGE fan of you, and your website. Thanks for the updates, and all the time, and effort you put into it. I for one greatly appreciate the information, and entertainment aspects of the site. Darv

>  I found your commentary on the incident at East of Eight to be lucid, candid and refreshingly sensible.  It’s just a clear think-through-it, best-for-all statement.  Geez, it’s been a long time since I read something in print that made sense and showed the better side of humanity.  You are very well spoken and I hope that the majority agrees that you speak for them.  Rita

> I’m a 45 year old from New Zealand. Just found your web site for the first time, one of the most uplifting, most wonderful pieces of writing I have come across on the subject, Thank You, Genie.

> I love your articles in the various mags I’ve read them in. If you’re still in NYC it would be a joy to hook-up at a party or event in the near future. Best, – Kitti

> I read several of your articles today. Your insight is amazing! I have to agree with so much of – Jan

> Now I’m getting a sense of what you’re about, and I like it! – Rose Royale

> Loved your article from last week. – Julie

> Excellent thought provoking site. Really enjoyed your ‘food for thought’ bits. My TV experiences are very similar to yours. Thank you sincerely. Hugs, – Rachel

> Thanks for your wonderful efforts. I like your website a lot. God bless

> Keep up the great work on the website sexy! – Elizabeth

> Excellent poem “wow” It’s nice to know there is other intelligent life out there.

> Dear Brie, I discovered your web-site and after reading some of your insights it seems you are reading my mind. Your site is helpful in getting a point of view.

> I love receiving your newsletter. . . and I’m able to live vicariously through your communications. . . time doesn’t allow me to be in NYC but I so truly wish I were. . . I would go to all the places you suggest in your email – Marilyn

> Thanks for the inspirational site –  Deva

> I absolutely adored that article. You are a genius. You seem to know exactly what I was thinking –  Smooches Rhonda

> Thanx for sharing, u are inspiring – Vanna

> Thank you for your inspirational column, as it helps me to know that others think as deeply as I do and aren’t afraid to admit it – Warm Regards, Travis

> I came across your commentary in Girl Talk Magazine. That is a really wonderful, thoughtful article. I think it can really help a lot of questioning folks gain perspective on their situations and avoid quickly “self-stereotyping” themselves into making unwise decisions one way or the other. — All the best, Lynn

> What a great magazine! Thank you so much for making it available. – Betsy

> I loved your essay “The Great American Nightclub.” Your essay was very rich in detail and quite visual. I’m eager to read in future issues more about the Copa girls.” – Fran Sisco

> I’m really impressed with your column.  I enjoy the articles, they’re always interesting and fresh! I’ve been a subscriber since the Premier issue, the models are so fabulous and the photography is superb!  You are all so truly appreciated by your efforts!  – Christine Taylor

> Thanks again, great resource. – Cathi

> Congrats! You’re a real “doll” of a person – both inside and out. Thanks for sharing it with me & others. I wish you the very best in all life’s adventures. May a smile always find its way across your lips. Kisses… – Renee

> Great job on your new site! It looks wonderful, with lots of great information… – Sofie TS

> Well, I did check out your (fab!) new site thoroughly. Really good stuff! – Jeanine

> This is an awesome website. Thanks so much! Hugs…- Tricia

> Just took a look at your new mag… very nice… I’ll be sure to come back and look for new features… well done… – Roxie

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