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Clean, sharp and fast-paced, this action-suspense film got it right despite the critics trashing it. As the sequel to the 2007 film the elements are similar; Agent 47, a girl, and two warring foes. 

The 2015 Agent 47 has everything you’d expect — fight scenes and high speed car chases –, yet manages to keep you guessing throughout. Who is really trying to kill our heroine Katia, and why? 

Director Aleksander Bach brings some artistic style to an adrenaline action genre that is often stale, and predictable. Rupert Friend carries off the role of cool killing Agent 47 well, but it’s Katia (Hannah Ware) that brings the script to life. 

agent 47 sequel to Hitman

She’s been researching and tracking a man for years. She doesn’t know his name, what he looks like, nor why she is even searching. She is equally mystified as to why people are now suddenly trying to kill her. 

But who does she trust, the man who shows up and apparently saves her life, or the man who appears to have tried to kill her? 

Katia is beautiful yes, but not in the chisel-cheeked model mold; she has a smoldering beauty to her with a deep, rich rawness that radiates. We watch her awakened to who she is, and then witness the metamorphoses of who she becomes.  

An action film with subtle overtones of a spy espionage thriller,  Katia comes to learn that there are two entities tracking her, and she must avoid capture and /or death by either to attain her goal. 

The film has its moments where the action pauses to allow the characters to evolve. Yet it does so without slowing it down or losing our attention.  

3 1/2 stars. 


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