Lisa Jackson – I’m AOK

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Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson – I’m OK, the new EP by Lisa performed at CBGBs. As she stood upon the stage — her band vamping in the background — Lisa Jackson paid homage to all the great performers that stood on this stage before her. She spoke of legends and pioneers. The crowd reacted with cheers as she momentarily stepped back. The band began to build the energy as she lunged forward exclaiming, “and I am humble, yet unafraid!”

The delivery was powerful and effective. When watching an athlete you can always tell those who want to win versus those that are afraid of loosing. Tonight Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday played to win. They were tight, Lisa’s voice powerful, and they kept alive the strong tradition of emerging musicians that have graced this stage of the famed CBGBs; bands like Blondie, Television, The Ramones and The Patty Smith Group.

Born Steve Friday, a country boy from Fayetteville, Georgia, he reinvented himself – first on stage, then completely – to Lisa Jackson. It has been an interesting evolution, one that has seen a cover band emerge into an original force of nature.  Ever since it’s early rise in the New York City underground, the changes have been dramatic, and the progress undeniable. With each new show the confidence – along with the fan base – grows. This is good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, inspired by Lisa’s favorites, Blondie and Bowie among them.

This is a fun, powerful, honest and infectious band: it makes you feel good.  Strong driving rhythms compliment deep lyrics where Lisa challenges the status quo, suggesting that life would be a bore if we were all the same. Songs like “Beautiful Freak” and “Fabulously Done” are becoming anthems that are attracting a loyal mainstream following.


They currently have a self-produced CD entitled “I’m A.O.K,” with a selection of 9 songs. The record is good, but with a sub-par recording studio and lack of a producer, its not quite as powerful as their live show. Still, this is a record worth getting, and definitely a band worth following.

Whatever that “thing” is that separates a group from the pack, Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday have it.

(PUBLISHED in Music Press 2003)



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