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Paula Schocron @ Notorious

In her debut solo performance held at the Notorious Café, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paula Shocron sat at the piano with confidence in the air and a bottle of water at her feet – which she sipped from frequently.

Her playing — like life — was unpredictable. The style was at first without structure, like raw feelings being displayed through her instrument. Whether it was representing the mind of a rebellious youth, or the gritty, furious moods of a city on the edge, it seemed to be spontaneous energy that flowed in ebbs and tides.

And just as spontaneously, at times, Paula slid effortlessly into cascades of George Benson–esque moods; a winter’s day, a summer rain or a light and easy ramble through the lower eastside of New York City.  The crowd was quite enthusiastic and appreciative to what they were hearing and gave the young twenty-five year old a rousing applause for her efforts.

She played two sets and each had a mood and style all its own. It was almost like hearing two different musicians; the first Avant-garde, the second more melodically structured.

Born in Rosario, Argentina, Paula grew up to the sounds of traditional folk music. But she was forever changed (she told me afterwards) after hearing a Duke Ellington record. For all her style changes, from which she seems to still be evolving, her technique and abilities are obviously abundant.  She displays passion and character in her interpretations, making her an artist worthy of any piano enthusiast’s attention.

Her latest record La voz que te lleva, is now available on the Blue Art label.

(PUBLISHED in Jazz Review Magazine 2004)

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