Autism Solutions discussed at Ted Talks: Wendy Chung

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Autism Solutions were discussed on Ted Talks: Wendy Chung: Autism, what we know (and what we don’t know yet) was an interesting and well-delivered 15-minute presentation on Ted Talks, which I reviewed and wrote about for

Childswork/Childsplay has been a leading provider of child and teen therapy resources focusing on therapeutic tools used by parents, counselors, and therapists since the earliest days of the Internet. Children and teens can learn new techniques — and gain insights — to overcome and cope with  a wide range of topics, such as ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety disorders, behavioral problems like anger, dealing with divorce, and much more.

Ms. Chung delivered her easy-flowing and succinct presentation  to a group of autism and medical professionals in Vancouver, British Columbia (filmed on TED Speaks). She looks into the why, what, how … and the “what’s next” stages of Autism research and solutions.

I found the presentation to be honest, well-spoken, evenly-paced, and humbling. I don’t know anyone with autism, had no real interest in the subject, but found myself pulled into her discussion of the topic.

You can read more of the review here on the Childswork blog.


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