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The newest six-song, self-titled EP from Lisa Jackson & girl friday is stark, powerful and provocative. It lacks studio glitz and a perfect vocal performance, yet that may just be what gives it such personality and edge. Lisa Jackson, a Fayetteville Georgia native who has been tearing up the New York City underground, was referred to as a “true rock n roll star” by actress Rosie Perez in Page Six (New York Post) in recent months.

With songs like “Night Lite of Jesus,” “Mess,” and “Don’t Get Bitter,” the group reveals more of a frantic punk vibe than on past efforts. However, they haven’t strayed far from their pure rock roots and there is still plenty of rock mania present, especially “I’m AOK,” which displays the bands precession and energy and the power in Jackson’s big vocal pipes.

But more than just a powerful voice, Lisa is a storyteller that weaves personal and intimate themes to connect with listeners on a universal level. Lisa Jackson & girl friday are more than a rock band; they are a revolution. They make your body move and your mind think. And though they are still a little rough around the edges, this is a record worth buying, and a band worth following.

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