9 Ways To Validate Your Startup Ideas

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Have you experienced an ‘Aha’ moment and had a bright idea that you feel will be a profitable business for you? You might feel extremely excited and want to immediately act on that idea. While there are instances in which the hasty decision of investing in the business right away succeeded, most of the time, they led to failure. Here are 9 ways to validate your startup ideas.

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Bad Brokers And Good Investments

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When you invest your money into the securities market, there are bad brokers and good investments. Like anything else you have to do your homework to sort them out. The securities industry for a long time has been a swamp infested with leeches just looking for fresh meat. When they find an inexperienced investor, they tend to use high-pressure sales tactics, and abundant turnover of your holdings to spike their commissions.  But that doesn’t mean that a wise investor can’t navigate around them. 

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Stock Loss Recovery Co. Cold Spring Advisory and Louis Ottimo Uncovered

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When you look into investment recovery co. Cold Spring Advisory and Louis Ottimo uncovered it would appear that they are preying on unsuspecting investors. Maybe they are, maybe they arn’t. Investment recovery is also referred to as stock loss recovery, and Cold Spring Advisory LLC. claims to help — all you need do is pay them an upfront fee of thousands of Dollars.

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Should You Grow Your Business Above the Glass Ceiling?

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I’ve written a lot of about business through the years, for some time on Examiner — the NY Startup Column, but since getting back into business myself in 2005 after a 4 year layoff, I’ve also written under my real name, and most recently an article for Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Get Stuff Done

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Getting stuff done is at the root of any business venture.  It may sound trivial, but many start-ups strategize themselves right out of business because they don’t get stuff done! Launching a business and turning it into a revenue-generating enterprise is daunting. Becoming self-sustaining and profitable all the more so.  However, that is just the warm-up drill; the real chore is to stabilize, manage and grow that business in an ever-changing world. This is especially true for my company Intech Creative LLC, a software technology and wholesale web services company. New frameworks, platforms […]

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