What’s Next in Trump’s America?

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There is no doubt that the U.S. has gone through a dramatic shift since the election of Donald J. Trump. But, the truth is that shift began with the rise of the Tea Party during the Obama administration. Some will argue for the better, others for the worse. Regardless of what you think of Trump the man, Trump the president has generated a lot of controversies. With his recent acquittal in the impeachment Senate trial, Trump has certainly been emboldened to do as he pleases. He knows that as long […]

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No Mr. Foley

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Hiding bad behavior and then pushing the blame when caught for it seems too common these days. Senator Foley didn’t pursue a young page because he was molested as a child (as he claims). He should be accountable for his actions, period. And the Rev. Anthony Mercieca, who stated that he had a friendship with the then 12 year old Foley; going skinny dipping and giving the young boy massages when unclothed, was also inappropriate. The reverand said that “Once maybe I touched him. It’s not something you call, I […]

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