Dojo Izakaya Converts to Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House

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I’ve eaten at the highly acclaimed Sushi Dojo NYC (on 1st Ave in the East Village) before, as well as their sister restaurant Dojo Izakaya, Recently they converted that to the Sushi Dojo NYC Noodle House. So I stopped in to find out why.

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Vagabond in Bangalore India: Culture Shocks

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The last thing I wanted to encounter in a foreign country was Americanized chains.  However, during my couple of days withstanding Gandhi’s revenge, I’m quite glad they were here.

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India; 66 Years Young

The largest democracy on the planet celebrates its sixty sixth birthday today, while remaining a land of extreme contradictions.

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Day Two and a Cafe in Banagalore – The Local Haunt

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I’m spontaneous and tend to live in each moment, which may seem a bit contradictory to the fact that I am also a creature of habit; I settle into certain routines regardless of where I am. Today I would find my cafe in Bangalore, among other things.

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Vagabonding: A Review

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According to Rolf Potts, “Vagabonding is about not merely re-allotting a portion of your life for travel but rediscovering the entire concept of time.”  More than a book of resources and travel tips, it is also an outlook on life: “… it’s about using the prosperity and possibilities of the information age to increase your personal options instead of your personal possessions.”

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