Right Over Their Head

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Well, leave it to the Washington crowd to continue saying stupid things. For those that didn’t read about it, William Bennett, a secretary of education in the Reagan administration and drug czar in the first Bush administration, who is now a radio host, recently said, “you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.” He went on to say that would be a “morally reprehensible thing to do.” In his defense in todays New York Times he stated that his opponents make it […]

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Judy and Barbra Live, Almost

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Judy and Barbra Live is the show for you if you enjoy the songs of Streisand and Garland, with a little humor on the side. The critics are raving about Tommy Femia (six time winner of the MAC Award, and the Backstage Bistro award): “Fabulous,” The NY Times, “A Pricelessly Sung Judy Garland,” Village Voice, and “Truly Amazing,” Time Out New York.  Tommy in another word, is brilliant! Together with Steven Brinberg, who has also won the MAC and Backstage Bistro awards is“Absolutely Brilliant,” Time Out New York, “Amazing,” NY Daily […]

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Venus Demars

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Living Art Venus Demars and I sat for an interview. It was all so surreal. I was sitting on a bed at the Charlton Arms Hotel, speaking to Venus, lead singer of the Minneapolis-based dark glam band All The Pretty Horses, and wife Lynette. It felt as though I was in someone’s dream, and in a way, I was. “This is my installation,” Venus explained, referring to the artwork that covered every square inch of the hotel room: walls and ceiling.  Dominated by background hues of blues, the focal point of […]

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Lauren Foster

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The International “IT” Girl  To understand the world of Lauren Foster, imagine that you were enjoying a quiet dinner with friends  at a trendy restaurant. Suddenly, without warning a bald 6’1” African American woman jumps on your table and starts to dance. Your first thought might be “When am I going to wake up,” while the second was “I hope not too soon – because she’s fabulous!” During her days as the the international “IT” girl: who on any given day might be hanging out with Natalie Cole, Madonna, Drew […]

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Divorce and the Right Wing

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To understand divorce and the Right Wing, you first have to understand that fear is what it is, but sometimes becomes what you make it. The religious right is so afraid that gays are deteriorating marriage, and yet it is their fear that is the culprit, not the communities that they are afraid of. Could it be that the GLBT communities have and continue to be converting all the little boys and girls of the world? Not! Historically, it is the religious right that tirelessly works to convert people, not the GLBT […]

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