Religion and Science

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Recently arriving in Bangalore India for a six-month stay, I’ve enjoyed the daily reading of The Speaking Tree column; prompting me to return to my own thoughts on religion and being.  Coming from a mixed-religion household, my mother was a Protestant, (of English, Scottish, and Cherokee heritage), and my father was a Jew (of an Irish Catholic father, and a Russian Jewish mother), I’m not quite sure if that makes me — religiously speaking — more confused, or less.   The Swami Kryanada previously (Aug 31) talked about science and religion: […]

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The Post Covid19 Normal

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In an interview with political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi Ph.D. we talked about what America will be facing. We avoided the debate of who did what, who’s to blame and focused on what Americans are facing. Does reopening the country’s economy the end of Covid19? He says no, it’s not. According to Dr. Rossi, psychology suggests that the country will go through post-traumatic stress syndrome. And this will impact how we think and act going forward. You can see the entire interview here.

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