Small Business Expo 2012

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Small Business Expo was different sort of event.I knew it even before I entered while crossing 7th Ave walking towards the entrance.  It was located in the Penn Plaza Pavillion [connected to the Pennsylvania Hotel] across from Madison Square Garden in New York City.As I approached I couldn’t help notice — to the left of the entrance — a guy dressed in khakis, a button-down shirt and tie, happily dancing in a full display window that faced the street.  There were two windows actually, both framed with the Small Business […]

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NY EXPO 2012 Review

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The New York Xpo for Business opened today at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The exhibit booths offered a wide range of products and services, while in the seminar rooms were potent sessions with lots of good take-away knowledge. The XPO this year was extended for a second day, so you can still attend on Thursday May 3rd from 9am to 5pm. A networking after-party occurs at 6pm.

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CHESS the Musical

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Chess the musical, directed by Rod A. Lansberry opened yesterday night for its limited run at the newly opened Lone Tree Arts Center to what appeared to be a wait-and-see crowd. When the U.S. and Russian Chess champions meet in Italy — for the World Championship match set during the Cold War, with their respective entourages in tow — love, romance, ambition and greed are leveraged and played like pawns by two geo-political machines.

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San Pedro Mexico, The Mexico That Isn’t

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It was the summer of 2011 when I got a call from my friend Jim. He had been working in Monterrey Mexico for almost six months as controller for Latin American operations for an almost nine billion-dollar-per-year technology company.  He often joked that despite his Ernst-Young and Deloit background, that he was hired as their GOG (gringo-on-the-ground). When he told me he had a two bedroom apartment up in the hills, and invited me to come down and share the space, I didn’t hesitate: I booked a ticket.

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Lockout – A Review by Brie Austin

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Lockout is a high-adrenaline rush! Lockout starts with a punch and never slows down.  Guy Pierce carries the lead well as a likable bad-boy cop with a smart mouth and bad attitude.

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