Jazz in Bangalore Zaang Style

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The Hyatt Hotel terrace bar on MG Road was the setting for a night of Jazz in Bangalore, Zaang Style. Dubbed Black-Tie Jazz Night, it was a huge success on many levels. About the only mishap was the name, as it was really meant that the event was Black Tie, as in upscale, not the dress code.

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Vodka Fashion in Bangalore

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As the summer descends upon us with 90+ degree heat, the Fashion Party Collection event in Bangalore attracted a mix of the city’s socialites, personalities and party animals to this invite-only happening at the city’s favorite nightspot Ice, at Vivanta by Taj. it was a great night, with flowing cocktails, a fashion show, music and dance entertainment .  Read my full story and  view the fashion show on Miss Perfect Woman.

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Hit The Wall

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The day the world changed was captured in Hit The Wall. But it was about more than the igniting spark of the famous Stonewall Riots on that sweltering night June 28, 1969; it was a moment of conscious awakening. Hit The Wall is the new play brilliantly written by Ike Holter and directed by Eric Hoff. It genuinely moved me in its carefully focused nuances. I hadn’t expected it.

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A T-Mobile Customer Service Nightmare

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A T-Mobile customer service nightmare awaited me upon my return to New York City. After a long-extended stay overseas –, I thought I was returning to the “1st” world,” you know the land of innovation, efficiency and the highest standards of customer service excellence. Is there any other industry beyond cellular that can charge more, provide less, and make your life miserable in the process? The first cell-phone I purchased was in 1986. The receiver looked a lot like a home phone, but cradled into a large 5lb battery pack. It cost $3,000 and $1 per minute. […]

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Oz The Great and Powerful Review

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Oz The Great and Powerful review is that the prequel to the legendary 1939 “Wizard of Oz.” it begins many many years before Dorothy’s fateful adventure among the Munchkins.  Sam Raimi directs and the story moves along steady enough. However, a great deal of what made the film was fabulous 3D effects — and they were pretty spectacular –, coupled with wonderful sets, a touch of humor — more like one-liner wit –, and the BIG answers to questions everyone has been wondering about for 74 years.

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