The Content on This Site

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The content on this site is a collection of my published works. You can search from the main menu or by category on the sidebar.  Also, from the top menu under Blogs I link to various blogs I have on different platforms. 

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Children Behavioral Therapy Books

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Children behavioral therapy books help kids with autistic and other behavioral difficulties that are challenged everyday with a real-life labyrinth of puzzles about friendship, honor, courage, right, wrong and more.

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Contemporary Rock N Roll, Pop Music and The Raskins

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Contemporary rock n roll and Pop music are often linked.  ‘Pop’, which is the abbreviation for Popular music, is a well-known genre. But what is it, exactly? It’s nothing, and it’s everything; it is a compilation of works from across a multitude of genres with nothing in common except that it (pop music) attracts the “mainstream.”

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Get Stuff Done

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Getting stuff done is at the root of any business venture.  It may sound trivial, but many start-ups strategize themselves right out of business because they don’t get stuff done! Launching a business and turning it into a revenue-generating enterprise is daunting. Becoming self-sustaining and profitable all the more so.  However, that is just the warm-up drill; the real chore is to stabilize, manage and grow that business in an ever-changing world. This is especially true for my company Intech Creative LLC, a software technology and wholesale web services company. New frameworks, platforms […]

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Hit The Wall

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The day the world changed was captured in Hit The Wall. But it was about more than the igniting spark of the famous Stonewall Riots on that sweltering night June 28, 1969; it was a moment of conscious awakening. Hit The Wall is the new play brilliantly written by Ike Holter and directed by Eric Hoff. It genuinely moved me in its carefully focused nuances. I hadn’t expected it.

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